Scrapping the morning coffee

Like many others I love a morning coffee to the point where I bought a coffee machine. I mainly drink coffee in the morning as my morning fix but the last couple of days I have tried to stay away from the morning coffee and replace with a hot lemon water. 

With water in though of course.

I have changed this as I have read so many health benefits from this I thought i would give it a try. I think it’s important to have fresh water when you wake up in the morning aswell instead of a coffee to dehydrate you even more then you already are. 


  • Kickstarts your metabolism 
  • Cleanses the system 
  • Boots your immune system 
  • Freshens breath 
  • Clearer skin 
  • AIDS weight loss 

You can do all this with a lemon water? I would say maybe 3 a day would be better than 1 though but that’s not hard. Cut the lemon up and take it into work. Have your coffee still as a treat. Stay away from them sugary coffees though or ones with 100% milk as they wont help. A coffee half hour before your workout is perfect as the caffeine will give you a boost for your workout. I am trying to do this for a could of weeks too see what the difference is so I will post the outcome. 


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