My first time in Blackpool 

Another thing to tick off my bucket list was my trip to Blackpool for my friends birthday. I say that she’s my friend but this was the first time I had met her but we had spoke a few times and she’s a lovely girl. My best friend and I drove up there, it was her friend from university that we where meeting. Our drive there was really good, but we did leave at 6.30 on a Sunday morning.

When we got there we parked and headed down to the beach as it was too early for our check in. Later in the afternoon we met Meg and went for a lovely hot chocolate on the sea front. It was possibly the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had but it was about £4 so for that price it should be good to be honest.

We took some lovely photos by the sea. As you may know from previous posts my best friend is camera crazy so we got about 100 pictures in 10 minutes, I thought i had lost my eye sight after.

When my was time to check into the hotel we met up with there friend Charlotte who lives near Blackpool. We ventured down the pier, took some photos and had some lovely fish and chips and an ice cream.

This was pretty much all we did. I had a lovely time and from what I saw of Blackpool I would definitely go back. Next time I would go for a couple of days, have more money so I can do more stuff and venture over to the theme park at the end of the sea front. I was lucky enough to not to have to drive as I’m not sure I could cope driving that far! We did have a giggle and was lovely meeting some new girlies 😀


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