My new favourite breakfast 👌

After watching my favourite YouTuber (Nikki Blackketter) I decided to make one of heart favourite breakfasts French toast ( eggy bread). 

I was so impressed and it’s so easy to make. First of all pour all the egg whites into a bowl. 

Soak the bread into the egg whites while waiting for the hob to warm up for you to fry your bread. The bread should be lovely a soggy before adding it to the hot frying pan. 

Make sure you grease the pan and flip the bread frequently to stop the bread from sticking. 

When cooked you till realise how amazing this is and how easy. It’s a perfect breakfast with protein and carbs. The bread could be better if it was weight watching but this was my pre legs breakfast which gave me loads of energy. 


V festival ✌️

Over the weekend I went to v festival to celebrate their 21st birthday with them. We left Friday at about 4pm and arrived at just after 5 which wasn’t too bad. On Friday night we went for a nice meal and a few cocktails which was lovely then back to the hotel to have a good nights sleep before the crazy weekend begun! 

On Saturday we ventured out to hylands park to see the start of the first acts. First of all we didn’t have a clue what acts were where it was all very confusing. What they had put on the Internet was completely different to what they where actually doing. So as the day went we saw many bands, dnce I think it’s called… James Morrison, Jess Glynn, Justin bieber, western and a couple more. This was a good day, Jess Glynn was my favourite as bieber was just so over rated it got me excited and it wasn’t actually that great. 

The weather was abit hit and miss raining throughout some points of both days. On the second day we saw example, Davidguetta Rihanna, Jojo and a couple others. Overall I think the second day was better but people where leaving after the day I was shocked!! 

Anyway overall a good weekend but one lesson j learnt is you need to speak up sometimes even if it does cause an argument especially when you are spending loads of money on the weekend. Also, make sure you book a good taxi service as ours took over 2 hours to pick us up on the first night or I would stay camping and smell for three days! 

Food prep! 👌

Since trying to ft my body fat down to 20% I have cut my lunches at work down to literally a protein and vegetables instead of salad. Don’t get my wrong I’ve been mixing it up, I’ve been having salad sometimes as you can’t always eat the same thing but I do find chicken and vegetables more filling compared to a salad and it’s always nice to feel full and satisfied to stop you from snacking whilst sitting there at work bored for most of the day. 

I think I have the easiest food prep around, I literally go to teaco/ asda any supermarket that’s around that fairly cheap and by a load of chicken and a big bag of frozen vegetables. Sounds very boring but I do change the chicken up my trying out different varieties of seasoning. I have tried chilli, five seasons Bbq, peri peri, garlic salt… And a couple more but my favourite is the fajitas seasoning as it makes you feel a little naughty but you are only eating chicken and vegetables. 

So I cook up my chicken and veg and put them all in tupplewear boxes for the week ahead. I normally put A couple in the freezer as I don’t like to trust them in the fridge for 5 days it could go abit dodgy. 

Father in laws wedding 🌸

Earlier this month my father in law got married and it was such a beautiful day. They started the day getting wed at the registry office and then on to a huge hall for a massive party. It was amazing! I loved how it was so personal for them and all about them as a wedding day should be. The registry office really took me by surprise, it was lovely! After this we went to get some pictures and off the massive party afterwards.

It made me think about what I would like for my wedding and to be honest as long as I have a good day, all my family and friends are there and I have a lovely dress I couldn’t care less if j spent £50 of £50’000 as its about what I want that matters and enjoying the rest of my life.

I was so happy with my dress. The last time I wore this I looked pregnant but since my weight loss journey started I have lost my belly .. Now to loose everything else!

My first time in Blackpool 

Another thing to tick off my bucket list was my trip to Blackpool for my friends birthday. I say that she’s my friend but this was the first time I had met her but we had spoke a few times and she’s a lovely girl. My best friend and I drove up there, it was her friend from university that we where meeting. Our drive there was really good, but we did leave at 6.30 on a Sunday morning.

When we got there we parked and headed down to the beach as it was too early for our check in. Later in the afternoon we met Meg and went for a lovely hot chocolate on the sea front. It was possibly the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had but it was about £4 so for that price it should be good to be honest.

We took some lovely photos by the sea. As you may know from previous posts my best friend is camera crazy so we got about 100 pictures in 10 minutes, I thought i had lost my eye sight after.

When my was time to check into the hotel we met up with there friend Charlotte who lives near Blackpool. We ventured down the pier, took some photos and had some lovely fish and chips and an ice cream.

This was pretty much all we did. I had a lovely time and from what I saw of Blackpool I would definitely go back. Next time I would go for a couple of days, have more money so I can do more stuff and venture over to the theme park at the end of the sea front. I was lucky enough to not to have to drive as I’m not sure I could cope driving that far! We did have a giggle and was lovely meeting some new girlies 😀

Personal update 

So since being away I have finally started my personal training course which I am thoroughly enjoying. I plan to have completed the course and be qualified by the end of October (fingers crossed) but so far it’s going well!

I have also applied for my masters degree in Physical activity, Nutrition and health promotion but still waiting to hear back. I only applied last week so hopefully this week I will receive an email to say that have recovered my application. I’ve always loved nutrition, this was the main reason for picking this masters course.

Other than that I’m still in the gym 5/6 times a week.. Still trying to for fill my aim to getting down to 20% body fat. I have started regiment fitness now as well as going to the gym which is very intense cardio training which is helping me burn more fat. Don’t you just find it hard to fit everything in? I don’t know how I manage to juggle everything in life as there are just not enough hours in the day I’m suprised I have time to sleep.

I’m still engaged but no plans to marry yet. We are both enjoying how life is at the moment, saving our money but not really sure what for.. No pressure it’s lovely. You have to live life while you can.. My dad always told me to never be the richest man in a graveyard which is why live life to the full!

Enough of the ranting this morning, I will be posting in all week, have a nice day!!!

I’m Back!


Hello readers!  I have finally decided to come back to my blogging after some much needed time out. I have been busy enjoying my summer along with problems with my phone which is what I take my pictures on which is a complete pain In the arse. Anyway, you haven’t really missed much, I’ve had a few lovely outings which I will be telling you all about.. different places to be ticked off my bucker list! I will still be blogging about fitness, make up and days out posting updates of different sessions I do in the gym and even trying to record them so you can see exactly what I do. This week I will blog everyday to get you all up to speed on what has been happening over the last couple of month so watch this space so you don’t miss out on the fun!