Home made chicken curry 

Don’t you all just like a take away but feel guilty eating it when you are trying to eat a nicely balanced diet? I do! So I decided to try and cook my own egg fried rice and chicken curry. 

I started off with cutting up the chicken breasts and frying them in a rrying pan with the mushrooms. I used coconut oil for this so it wasn’too naughty. Then popped it all into the slow cooker with the sauce.

I left this in the cooker for about 3 hours. 

After preparing the curry I started to cook the rice. I heard hat cooking the rice and letting it cool down allows it not to stick so much when you add the egg and peas later on. I cooked the ice up and let it rest. I just used boil in a bag rice which took about 9 minutes to cook. 

After resting I cooked up three eggs in a frying pan, mashed then up, added peas then the rice a little bit of salt then allowed the ice to heat back up again for serving. 

This was now ready so I dished up the good and it was amazing! 



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