Getting your 5 a day 

I’m always hearing things around work or when I’m at the gym about people finding it hard to eat there 5 a day. Sometimes I think it’s crap, as personlly I eat about ten a day because I love fruit and veg that much. As easy solution to this would be making a smoothie. I know this isn’t the same as sometimes your not getting the full goodness out of the food but surely this is better than not eating any at all? 

Smoothies arnt just abou fruit either you can include literally anything; vegetables, buts, yogurt oats most things to be honest. Maybe not meat though that would be Abit rank. Eating your 5 a day will give you many health benefits also, mainly it allows you to get all the sufficient nutrients from the natural ingredients you are using. This also allows you to use superfoods such as beetroot, blueberries and spinach. If you don’t like something it’s a good time to add it in aswell as the taste of the everything else will allow you not to taste that in the smoothie.

I made a smoothie yesterday with loads of fruit. It tasted amazing, I included raspberries, lime, Apple and kiwi. So this included 4 out of my 5 a day which I’m happy with. Before I workout sometimes I’ll have a smoothie with peanut butter as this gives me tones of energy for my workout. 



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