Cardio workout you should try

Over the last week or so I have been a by quite as I’ve been fo using a lot on my gym and work and just not really thinking about blogging. But now I am back with this great cardio workout I have done a couple of times in the last few weeks – it really kicks out a sweat!! 

I repeated this 3 times after doing one of my upper body workouts and this as a killer. Great if your not a lover of cardio as it makes your workout more fun and it’s bringing some strength exercises into it aswell. Since doing workouts like this I have noticed a drop in fat around my stomach, it feels so much flatter! 

Try this when you get a minute and let me know what you think!! 


Purple nails 

I’ve never done a nail post before as I don’t paint my nails much. I don’t really know why because I love them when they are painted I just don’t find the time sometimes it’s not the first thing I think about. 

These three colours are my favourite I have found so far. Some people say you can winter/ summer colours but with nails I like to wear which ever  colour I like all year round. 

This colour does give a warm feeling of winter but I am still wearing it right now throughout the summer. The cherry is such a lovely colour and great to go with outfits as it’s a dark colour. 

The gel effect gives a really good shine in the nails after applying aswell. Looks so good when the sun hits them! 

This colour is lovely. I picked this up last week while I was bored at work so I thought why not paint my nails, make myself look Abit more girly. I picked this colour up in bodycare, it was only £1 and I was impressed. The only downside is it doesn’t stay on for long. After a day all my nails where chipped!

For a night out this colour would be perfect as it would go with any outfit as the colour isn’t very strong. 

This colour is another lovely colour.  It’s a purple colour and it does look like a lovely summer colour! Not as strong and dark as the cherry colour but not as sparkly as the second nail varnish. This gives a lovely shine on the nail and does last for a few days. 

Candle Collection 

I have decided that I have a few different candles so I thought why not share them with you. 

This candle is Probaly the biggest candle I’ve ever had in the scent of strawberry. It was only £2.99 from b&m. I think with candles to so pay for the quality, this may last along time because it’s big but you can’t smell the strawberry much as the scent isn’t strong. 

This candle smells amazing. In the scent of raspberry and peach. I received this as a present for my birthday so I’m not sure where this is from. I think I have seen them in card factory for about £5 I would say but don’t quote me on that. I love the Jar, mason jars just look so vintage to me and the small is to die for. 

This is my all time favourite candle brand. You really can not beat Yankee candles. They last for ages and the smells that let off are Devine. This type of candle is about £9 in asda whereas the different bigger ones are a lot more expensive. This is in the smell of grapefruit and will have your home smelling amazing in no time at all. 

This candle is so cute. I bought this online for £2 and it’s one of my all time best purchases. This candle is jn the scene of vanilla and can be used as a candle or just soemthing cute to out in a shelf. You can get these on eBay for a good price, they often have deals for 3 for £10 which is such a good deal when you can still use them when the candle has ran out. 

This is another asda purchase of mine. This smells so good and is such a good size considering its only £4. This has lasted around 3 months so far and I will be getting another when it has finished! 

Ginger & Co Review 

I hadn’t heard it this make until I saw it in a shop over the weekend in Yarmouth. It’s called ginger and co and what drew me to it was its packaging as it looks so much like soap and glory. In fact at first I thought it was some form of soap and glory because I’m not very familiar with there prducts but then realised it wasn’t.

They both smell amazing. Very creamy and give a lovely smell to your hands and body when used. I was so impressed by the price, the yellow body wash was only £2.99 and the hand cream 1.99 what a bargain. I would definitely recommend these products as they are just as good as some of the top end stuff you can pick up. 

Morning / Night routines 

At the moment my morning and night routine are very much the same. These are the products i use but I do like to mix it up sometimes. 

These are the three products I use at the moment. The neutrogenar one on the end is a face scrub. Face stubs tend to make my skin go very dry if I use them all the time and I change between the three of these and so far it’s doing a very good job for my face! 

They are all nice and easy and you can get them all from SuperDrug or wilkinsons. Occasionally they have really good offers on them. After taking these off I out Nivea cream on my face. This does seem strange you may now have heard this before but it works so well on my face. I went through a stage over the winter of having really bad dry skin which I’ve never had before and Nivea cream did the trick! 

Holiday review 

Yet again I have been over to Yarmouth for a few days with my nan. It will be horrible when she has to say goodbye to her challet as I know she loves it so much, I’ve been trying to get her down there as much as I can but I seem to be the only one putting the effort in. With all she does for the family you would expect the others to do their bit but no they are just self fish. 

For the first time today I went to Wroxham. It’s a lovely little village about 15 miles away from the challet. I got a lovely ice cream – mr wippy! Was so nice and creamy! 

They had these cute little holiday homes which were overseeing the broads. It’s just lovely I wish I lived somewhere like this. These where the boats that you are able to rent for the day but they are quite expensive! 

There was this shop there, Abit like debenhams but cheaper that had loads of little bits and bobs in it. I picked up these body lotions the design looks so much like soap and glory, that’s what made me get them! 

Holiday workout 

I had a beautiul holiday with some really good workouts. Whilst being by the sea I love my running. The air is just so different down in Yarmouth, I can’t explain why but it’s just so much easier to breath. My first workout I ran round the block by the sea and round the camp site. I ended up at a hill and did some lovely hill sprints, I completed 10 which I was very happy with then jogged back to the challet. 

The view was just amazing I think I would have so much motivation to do this everyday if I lived here it’s just beautiful. 

The second workout I went for a nice run again and did a circuit. 

  • Squats 
  • Lunges 
  • Mountain climbers 
  • Push-ups
  • High knees 
  • Burpees 

I completed this 3 times 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest. 

It just shows you can get a really good workout in whilst your on holiday. There are loads of things you can still do and when you are away you want to be able to eat what you want so having a good workout makes you feel less guilty.