V festival ✌️

Over the weekend I went to v festival to celebrate their 21st birthday with them. We left Friday at about 4pm and arrived at just after 5 which wasn’t too bad. On Friday night we went for a nice meal and a few cocktails which was lovely then back to the hotel to have a good nights sleep before the crazy weekend begun! 

On Saturday we ventured out to hylands park to see the start of the first acts. First of all we didn’t have a clue what acts were where it was all very confusing. What they had put on the Internet was completely different to what they where actually doing. So as the day went we saw many bands, dnce I think it’s called… James Morrison, Jess Glynn, Justin bieber, western and a couple more. This was a good day, Jess Glynn was my favourite as bieber was just so over rated it got me excited and it wasn’t actually that great. 

The weather was abit hit and miss raining throughout some points of both days. On the second day we saw example, Davidguetta Rihanna, Jojo and a couple others. Overall I think the second day was better but people where leaving after the day I was shocked!! 

Anyway overall a good weekend but one lesson j learnt is you need to speak up sometimes even if it does cause an argument especially when you are spending loads of money on the weekend. Also, make sure you book a good taxi service as ours took over 2 hours to pick us up on the first night or I would stay camping and smell for three days! 


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