Food prep! πŸ‘Œ

Since trying to ft my body fat down to 20% I have cut my lunches at work down to literally a protein and vegetables instead of salad. Don’t get my wrong I’ve been mixing it up, I’ve been having salad sometimes as you can’t always eat the same thing but I do find chicken and vegetables more filling compared to a salad and it’s always nice to feel full and satisfied to stop you from snacking whilst sitting there at work bored for most of the day. 

I think I have the easiest food prep around, I literally go to teaco/ asda any supermarket that’s around that fairly cheap and by a load of chicken and a big bag of frozen vegetables. Sounds very boring but I do change the chicken up my trying out different varieties of seasoning. I have tried chilli, five seasons Bbq, peri peri, garlic salt… And a couple more but my favourite is the fajitas seasoning as it makes you feel a little naughty but you are only eating chicken and vegetables. 

So I cook up my chicken and veg and put them all in tupplewear boxes for the week ahead. I normally put A couple in the freezer as I don’t like to trust them in the fridge for 5 days it could go abit dodgy. 


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