Personal update 

So since being away I have finally started my personal training course which I am thoroughly enjoying. I plan to have completed the course and be qualified by the end of October (fingers crossed) but so far it’s going well!

I have also applied for my masters degree in Physical activity, Nutrition and health promotion but still waiting to hear back. I only applied last week so hopefully this week I will receive an email to say that have recovered my application. I’ve always loved nutrition, this was the main reason for picking this masters course.

Other than that I’m still in the gym 5/6 times a week.. Still trying to for fill my aim to getting down to 20% body fat. I have started regiment fitness now as well as going to the gym which is very intense cardio training which is helping me burn more fat. Don’t you just find it hard to fit everything in? I don’t know how I manage to juggle everything in life as there are just not enough hours in the day I’m suprised I have time to sleep.

I’m still engaged but no plans to marry yet. We are both enjoying how life is at the moment, saving our money but not really sure what for.. No pressure it’s lovely. You have to live life while you can.. My dad always told me to never be the richest man in a graveyard which is why live life to the full!

Enough of the ranting this morning, I will be posting in all week, have a nice day!!!


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