Purple nails 

I’ve never done a nail post before as I don’t paint my nails much. I don’t really know why because I love them when they are painted I just don’t find the time sometimes it’s not the first thing I think about. 

These three colours are my favourite I have found so far. Some people say you can winter/ summer colours but with nails I like to wear which ever  colour I like all year round. 

This colour does give a warm feeling of winter but I am still wearing it right now throughout the summer. The cherry is such a lovely colour and great to go with outfits as it’s a dark colour. 

The gel effect gives a really good shine in the nails after applying aswell. Looks so good when the sun hits them! 

This colour is lovely. I picked this up last week while I was bored at work so I thought why not paint my nails, make myself look Abit more girly. I picked this colour up in bodycare, it was only £1 and I was impressed. The only downside is it doesn’t stay on for long. After a day all my nails where chipped!

For a night out this colour would be perfect as it would go with any outfit as the colour isn’t very strong. 

This colour is another lovely colour.  It’s a purple colour and it does look like a lovely summer colour! Not as strong and dark as the cherry colour but not as sparkly as the second nail varnish. This gives a lovely shine on the nail and does last for a few days. 


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