Candle Collection 

I have decided that I have a few different candles so I thought why not share them with you. 

This candle is Probaly the biggest candle I’ve ever had in the scent of strawberry. It was only £2.99 from b&m. I think with candles to so pay for the quality, this may last along time because it’s big but you can’t smell the strawberry much as the scent isn’t strong. 

This candle smells amazing. In the scent of raspberry and peach. I received this as a present for my birthday so I’m not sure where this is from. I think I have seen them in card factory for about £5 I would say but don’t quote me on that. I love the Jar, mason jars just look so vintage to me and the small is to die for. 

This is my all time favourite candle brand. You really can not beat Yankee candles. They last for ages and the smells that let off are Devine. This type of candle is about £9 in asda whereas the different bigger ones are a lot more expensive. This is in the smell of grapefruit and will have your home smelling amazing in no time at all. 

This candle is so cute. I bought this online for £2 and it’s one of my all time best purchases. This candle is jn the scene of vanilla and can be used as a candle or just soemthing cute to out in a shelf. You can get these on eBay for a good price, they often have deals for 3 for £10 which is such a good deal when you can still use them when the candle has ran out. 

This is another asda purchase of mine. This smells so good and is such a good size considering its only £4. This has lasted around 3 months so far and I will be getting another when it has finished! 

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