Morning / Night routines 

At the moment my morning and night routine are very much the same. These are the products i use but I do like to mix it up sometimes. 

These are the three products I use at the moment. The neutrogenar one on the end is a face scrub. Face stubs tend to make my skin go very dry if I use them all the time and I change between the three of these and so far it’s doing a very good job for my face! 

They are all nice and easy and you can get them all from SuperDrug or wilkinsons. Occasionally they have really good offers on them. After taking these off I out Nivea cream on my face. This does seem strange you may now have heard this before but it works so well on my face. I went through a stage over the winter of having really bad dry skin which I’ve never had before and Nivea cream did the trick! 

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