Holiday review 

Yet again I have been over to Yarmouth for a few days with my nan. It will be horrible when she has to say goodbye to her challet as I know she loves it so much, I’ve been trying to get her down there as much as I can but I seem to be the only one putting the effort in. With all she does for the family you would expect the others to do their bit but no they are just self fish. 

For the first time today I went to Wroxham. It’s a lovely little village about 15 miles away from the challet. I got a lovely ice cream – mr wippy! Was so nice and creamy! 

They had these cute little holiday homes which were overseeing the broads. It’s just lovely I wish I lived somewhere like this. These where the boats that you are able to rent for the day but they are quite expensive! 

There was this shop there, Abit like debenhams but cheaper that had loads of little bits and bobs in it. I picked up these body lotions the design looks so much like soap and glory, that’s what made me get them! 

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