Primark haul 

Yet again it’s pay day and I have done my mini primark haul! I love this place so much for the summer is just amazing. I picked up three tops and some shoes and came to £20 you really can’t go wrong. 

I love the front of this top as it gives a very sexy vibe to it but it’s not cut low at all. You can’t see any boobs or bra it’s just perfect. 

These two tops are exactly the same and only £3 each what a bargain. I really liked the back it’s so pretty. It’s tops like this that look expensive but really they are £3 from primark it’s great. I will be wearing these alot throughout the summer I will have to go back and get ge some more colours. 

These are my favourite. These are the best shoes I have purchased in ages. They are so cute and will look so good in the summer. You could wear them at night, during the day.. With jeans or a dress. I just had to pick up the wrong size so I hope they have then when I go back to change the size. Will be gutted otherwise as I can’t wait to wear them. 


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