Tanya Burr Collection 

Since starting my little make up collection I have really got into watching Tanya Burrs make up tutorials and watching all of her you tube videos to see what she is up too. When I found out she had her own collection I really wanted to give it a try as I thought they would be such good products as she knows the good and bad things about many other make up brands. 

These are the products I have so far and I love each and every one of them. The one I got recently was the brow pallete. I have wanted this for a while and picked it up in SuperDrug for only £6. I was so lucky as this is sold out on the internet so must have picked up literally one of the last ones. 

The colours are so nice and the palette would be great for all different hair colours. 

The middle picture is this peachy glow cheek palette. The colours in this are so pretty and have so much pigment in them. What I like about them is they arnt too bright or bold, they are very suttle colours. I picked this up for £9 I think in SuperDrug again. 

The last pallete was the Hollywood eye palletes. This took my ages to get hold of as it was sold out every time I wanted to buy it.i totally love it though as all of the colours go perfectly with my eyes as they are brown. My fabourite colour is bookworm as it’s a lovely want brown colours but not too dark. 

This pallete was £9 I think, or maybe £6 either way it was also from superdrug. All of these products are amazing and of such good quality for the little price you pay. I would defiantly recommend buying thee products if you are starting off your own collection or wanting to experiment with different brands. 

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