Tasty chicken 

When dieting one thing that I have found is its its to keel the good tasty and the one thing everyone likes is food that tastes good. I set myself a mission to keep my eating clean this week and thank god I have stuck to it. 

I made myself a lovely chicken. I didn’t make the chicken but you know cooked it and all that. I used a seasoning which gave it skme lovely flavour. 

It was so easy. It has a little bag inside so I popped it in that’s and covered with the seasoning it came with. 

Then put it in the oven to cook for about hour and half and it came out smelly amazing. Now I know this seasons makes the chicken this little bit naughtier in terms of food but can can’t eat non flavoured chicken breast every day, you need to spice up your food and change it in order to keep to the clean eating and continue to do well in your diet. 

It tasted amazing and the best thing was the chicken was £4 and the seasoning about £1. Can’t go wrong right? And this lasted 6 meals so a great, tasty cheaper way of eating clean. 


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