A day in the new forest 

For our second day away we went to the new forest. It was about 30 minutes away from Bournemouth and very easy to get too. The sun was shining as soon as we got there and it was such a beautiful day. On the way we went to asda and got loads of snacks for our adventure. When we parked up we walked through the forest and took loads of cool pictures. It was so cool having animals just walking around. 

On our way back we went to the car, moved it into the car park on the new forest and got our bits out for our picnic. At the point my friend got chased by a donkey, it’s was hilarious I can’t even explain how funny it was.

Firstly the donkey stole our blanket and the chased my friend wanting her sandwich. 

This was the video I took. I was laughing too much to catch it from the beginning but this was definitely the highlight of the weekend. In the end we moved our blanket and sat in the sun for a while before it was time to grab some dinner. 


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