A day in Bournemouth 

Me and my bestfriend always like to do skmething for our birthdays  so this year for mine we went for a night in bouremouth. We woke up really early to get down there on Sunday morning to beat any possible traffic and ensure that we get the whole day when we get there. When we got there we got to the hotel, parked up, got changed and headed straight to the sea front to catch some sun. The hotel was called Suncliff hotel and was right overlooking th lovely beach. It was still early at this point, around 10 o clock so the sun was still coming up. I went to find a bikini as the hotel had a swimming pool but I forgot to bring mine. We walked down to the shopping center which was a fair walk and found primark where I purchased my bargain biKini from for the hotel pool. 

We then went down to the pier and the beach to get our first ice cream. 

You really can’t beat a Mr Wipey. It was so nice a creamy like they should be!

We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours taking pictures and just enjoying relaxing and catching some sun when it came out. It was a slightly overcast day so the sun was coming in and out constantly.

These are the beach huts in Bournemouth. They are such pretty colours! Compared to Yarmouth the huts are so pretty and there are so many! I was really taken by price too they were only from £8.99 a day to rent which is amazing! 

We recreated some really cute Pinterest photo by using the sand and some pretty shells. 

When it got to 2.30 we checked into the hotel and got ourselves ready for dinner. We took our time as we didn’t want to eat too early, but we wanted enough time to go to the pier and get into the swimming pool before it closed. 

While we where there it was my birthday present time! I was ordered to sit in the bathroom for ten minute while everything was set up. I came out to find a beautiful cake stand with cakes and party rings. It was so cute! 

She got me my first ever Mac lipstick which is amazing! I love it so much and I’m so grateful for it. What a lovely colour to start my collection aswell. It’s in the colour ‘all fired up’. I also got a lovely braclet and some wax for my wax burning which smells amAzing! 

It was still warm but windy so we had to wear jackets but take out sunglasses. We ate in prezzo which I have never been to before but my bestfriend has an obession with pizza so we wanted to try it out. I had a steak salad which looked amazing but wasn’t very filling so half way through I ordered some garlic bread. I wasn’t impressed with this as it was just like dough. Then garlic and cheese was mainly in the middle of the dough and not on the outer parts. 

After eating we heard to the pier and back to the hotel for a swim in the pool. 

The pool was nice and warm but Abit scarey. We didn’t like the fact we were the only people in it. Also after working around swimming pools we could see how dirty it was which put us off. We could of been being silly but it just got to us so we went into the sauna and headed back to the room. 


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