Pink lipsticks 

I was looking through my lipstick collection today so I thought I would show you some of my favourites for the summer seeing as the weather has been so nice the last couple of days. 

What I like about these is they arnt the most expensive lipsticks but the colours are lovely. To start with the matt flat finish la girl gloss. This is a lovely colour, although when on it goes Abit funny, almost like pain drying them going flakey. 

The next two are revlon sticks. I think they are called lipsticks anyway but they are Abit different, but the colours are lovely. The lighter pink is in the colour honey douche but the other way it quite old and had been rubbed off.  These are both lovely summer colours and for the price they do stay on for a long time and are also very easy to take off. 

The pink lipstick is in the colour sea shell. I’m not sure what brand this is as again it’s worn away but this is a lovely suttle pink. Not too bright and you could wear this throughout the whole summer as it looks lovely and natural. 

Lastly the revolution purple colour. This is a beautiful colour. Abit dark for the summer maybe but that depends on what you are wearing and personal preference. What I love about these lipsticks is they are only £1 and for that price you can’t really go wrong. The colours are lovely, although they don’t stay on for as long but that’s what you get from a £1 lipstick. I think these are great for people who are starting off with make up, or youngsters that want to start a collection to play around with. 


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