Bank holiday weekend 

While I was in Yarmouth over the bank holiday with my nan I certainly did shop Abit and ate a lot of food! One of my favourites things in life are scones. I think it’s because I have a massive sweet tooth and these are just amazing. There is this cafe we go too everytime to get a scone and without a doubt it’s the best ever.

While I was there my nan also showed me a lovely carvary place to eat. I have never been there before, it was in caister. I will certainly be going back though as it was to die for. I loaded my plate up like I hadn’t eaten for a year. When I’m on holiday I always think like that! Only live once right?

When it comes to a carvary I don’t feel the slightest bit bad as I have so many vegetables, along with everything else of course! But least I get my 5 a day in one meal.

I also couldn’t go without fresh fish while I was and had to get fish and chips. At home I never get this as I know how naughty it is but oh well. My nan is selling the challet which will break her heart so I said I would take her down on the next bank holiday aswell to get the last out of it.

While I was there I also did load of shopping. I always find getting other people things though but I love that.

I got these for myself. The trainers where one of my birthday presents from my mum but I treated myself to two t shirts for the summer. They where only 2 for £10 and they are amazing. You should know by now that I love my oracle music if you read my blog posts.

These I purchased for my dad and fiancé. They where also such a good price, one for £5.99 and the other was 2 for £5. You really can’t go wrong. This was in Yarmouth on the sea front so if you are ever Down there and like this kind of stuff make sure you have a look!

This mug I got for my mums 50th birthday present. Well one of them. It’s actually a huge plant pot and she loves her flowers for I thought this would be perfect. I love how it’s so different aswell and I havnt seen any around my area so hopefully she would have never seen them before. It was from a shop called laithams for £7.99.


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