SuperDrug Haul

When I get paid I love to add to my make up collection so I did a little SuperDrug online haul. These are all the things I ordered this month. 

Revlon colourstay foundation was first on my list. This time I had to get a slightly darker colour as mine has been out of stock for so long now I thought I would try the next one up. I’m so happy they have now put a pump on it just makes life so much easier. 

Next on my list was Tanya’s Hollywood eye shadow palette. I fell in love with this as soon as I watched the tutorial on YouTube. 

It’s just amazing isn’t it. The colours are so nice and all go perfectly together I can’t wait to try this out! When I do I will show you all in a blog the outcome. The mirror is really cute aswell! 

The others I picked up as I loved the colours of the eye shadows. They look really cute and pigmented so I’m looking forward to trying them. Close up they look the same but on the flash of the camera they look so pretty. 

I loved the colour of the blush aswell it’s so pink so I’m excited to use that. I bought primer to put underneath aswell to hopefully stop my eyes from drying out so much. 

I will update you all when I have used these lovely products. 


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