Saturday night dinner make up 

Last night I went out for some last minute dinner with a friend so I thought I would share the make up I wore. 

To start with I used the revlon colour stay foundation. This is by far my favourite foundation I have found so far, I wear this in the colour Ivory. This really does stay on your face all day which I know is hard to believe for a foundation this is that good. It’s not dewy either and gives full coverage. 

Over the top of this I add the matt maker powder just to help my foundation set giving it that extra bit of help to stay on throughout the night. After applying this I usually apply by bronzer, most people would do eyes first but for some reason I don’t. I apply this bronzer to my cheek bones with the highlighter just above and Blush to my cheeks. This highlighter is one of my favourites, it’s such a beautiful colour and only around £3 in SuperDrug. 

After doing this I begin with my eyes. I added the black to the outer part of my eye and the silver to the inner. When this is applied I blend this together to give the smokey look then add my eye liner and mascara to my eyes to complete my eyes. 

After this I add my red lipstick and I am ready for my lovely meal. 


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