Easter holidays #1

You would think with it being the first day of my Easter holidays I would be having a nice lay in and recovering from the early mornings, but no, I still wake up at half 7. Luckily, I was ready to get up and didn’t want any more sleep. 

I started the day off with a lovely coffee and peanut butter on toast for my pre gym breakfast. My plan for the gym wasn’t hard today it was walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes up hill. It was good, I mean how hard can walking really get? The hill was at 8.5, I could have gone higher but I can still feel my knee getting irritated when doing certain things. 

Later in the day I popped to b&m to do my Easter haul. When I go here I always buy to much, always stocking up on things as its so cheap and I don’t go very often. I purchased so many things, my favourite was this huge candle. It was only £2.50 and I am so impressed by it. 

This is in the smell of strawberries and had three lighters so the wax will burn nice and evenly. 

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