Gym update 

So far the gym is going very well. I’ve been trying these push and pull days instead of having muscles parts. This works really well as at the moment in lifting very light so this still manages to give me a burn as you are doing so many exercises in one session. 

I have been doing HITT and LISS training. My favourite is HITT as its short and sweet, over in about 20 minutes and it’s absolute bliss to have a session that’s only 20 minutes long when you have a busy day. I do like LISS but not as much, I find this very boring and not very challenging and after my half marathon I think I enjoy a good challenge. I have been doing 2 HIIT sessions and 2 LISS, I will carry on as this for the next few weeks and see how this goes. So far I feel a lot lighter, my stomach feels flatter but the scales havnt changed. Although most experts say stay away from the scales so I’m trying not to go near them but being a female I think it’s in our minds to always check them out. It’s strange how a female mind works compared to male. 

Saturday I had my first leg session back after injuring my knee. I love a leg day, this burn was amazing after the first exercise my legs cramped but i managed to carry on and complete the session. I am still aching today! 

Time to have a shower and get on with the day X 

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