Home made Turkey burgers 

Tonight I made turkey burgers for dinner. These tasted so good, for once I put the right amount of seasoning in instead of getting carried away and putting in two much. I didn’t think about blogging this until half way through so I do apologise for not giving you the process of making them in pictures but I will explain. 

To start off with I opened my 450g of lean turkey mince and put into a mixing bowl. I added a tea spoon full of garlic Granuels, half a tea spoon of salt and half a tea spoon of black pepper. I stired this all together to ensure all the mince has seasoning on it. I then wiped up a egg and poured 1/4 into the mixing bowl leaving the rest to go down the sink. You only need enough to ensure the mince will stick together as a burger. Out of this mince I made 4 burgers, so mood 4 burgers from the mince and put into a hot pan.

When in the pan you need to leave them cooking on one side for about 3-4 minutes to ensure that they won’t fall apart when you go to flip the burger over for the other side to cook. You will know when the burgers are cooked as you will not have any red mince it will turn a grey colour. 

With this dish I left over some of my carb intake for the day so I could have one bun with on and one burger without. I made some potato chips also in our amazing air fryer. I defiantly recommend this as a healthier way of cooking. All you do is chop up your chips add only one table spoon of oil close the lid and set the timer and it does the rest for you. You can put literally anything in there, vegetables, meat anything you like it’s amazing. The chips come out lovely and crispy and it’s so hard to believe that they are healthy still and not caked in oil. 



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