Television favourites 

My television favourites don’t really change. This month I have found myself trying to start a few more series although some havnt gone too well. I’m lucky in the fact I like a good variety of television from soaps to reality. 

  1. Home and away: To me this is the best soap in tv. There is always something happening that keeps me watching it, never gets boring. I really can’t believe it’s only on channel 5. It’s so much better than other soaps such as eastenders and I love that the sun is always out. Sun always puts me in a good mood, maybe it’s because this country is so dull most of the times it’s lovely to see a change of scenery even if it is a soap on the tv. 
  2. Pretty little liars: My bestfriend started making me watch this and I’ve never turnt back. I think I started watching it over the summer when I was about 5 seasons behind and I got so glued to it it only took me around a week to finish it all. Such a great programme for girls, even boys would like it to be honest. Something different is always happening that you never really do know who A is. Keeps you watching and gripped to watching it. I’m suprised it’s not on the television and only on Netflix. I love how it’s so true to life aswell, these things could actually happen and I can relate a lot to being back at school. 
  3. The walking dead: Another television show I was made to watch but I am so glad. So much is happening and it’s so weird when you watch it yet so good. It’s hard to think that this has happened on the tv even though it’s not real. I think the story is mental. How could anyone think of the story like I don’t know, it’s not everyday you think of walkers and seeing people come back from the dead as a walker but it’s genius. This is a program the television just needed. Something weird and not right but keeps the viewers watching every week.

That’s it for the moment. I watch so many programs that I could go on for days about them all. 

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