New purchases 

A friend of mine wanted to pop into town yesturday to look for a dress for her birthday so we popped in for a few bits and a bite to eat. We have celebrated our birthdays together for so many years in a row now it’s lovely to have a tradition every year with one of my oldest/best friends. 

Whilst I was in town I purchased a new eye liner, hair dye, a hair dye brush and lip stick. 

This eyeliner is the revlon colour stay in black. Since watching a Tanya Burr video on you tube a few days back I wanted this instantly. I’m not very good with liquid eyeliner as its very new to me but this looked so easy to use. I like the shape of the tip as it looks like it will give a very even look on your lash. 

This lipstick I bought was also from revlon. This was in the number 828. I picked this up because I loved the colour! I love how it’s not too bright either so you could wear this as a daytime lipstick as well as nighttime. 

I always go for live hair dye. I find it lasts that little bit longer than other hair dyes although it does dye your scalf quite Abit you really do have to scrub your scalp when you wash your hair. 

I don’t often go to the hair dressers to get a colour I usually do it myself. Although I do love a good head massage when they wash my hair and being pampered when they put the colour on, I don’t like spending the money on it when I can do it myself. I prefer saving the extra for the items or just saving in general. 

After our shopping trip we had a lovely meal in wetherspoons. I was suprised by how good it was to be honest normally I think it’s cheap tat but now the menu has changed I’m starting to think highly of the place again. I had a steak baguette with chips and onion rings. I’ve given up with the healthy eating now I’m injured, back to the diet after my run on Sunday. 


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