Tuesday makeup / Trying out new purchases 

I recently did a blog post showing you the make up I purchased on my latest shopping haul so I thought I would show you how j am getting on with them. 

To start with the foundation. Max factor 3 in 1 foundation in the light Ivory colour. This is very good. I didn’t think I would find one just as good as the revlon colour stay but I do think this one is just as good. What I like about it is the 3 in 1 part, it’s saves you putting on primer before hand which just saves time. Sometimes in the morning I just can’t be bothered with the faf. This gives me complete coverage throughout the whole day. I set my foundation with my stay matte by maybelline. I bought this my mistake, I originally wanted a different one but this one is really good also and helps the foundation do its full job throughout the day. 

I then added my new max factor bronzer in the colour golden to my cheek bones. Unfortunately I don’t have cheek bones so I’ve added this to make it look like I do have some.  

As you can see it’s darker at the side of my face and gets lighter coming into the center of my face. Above my bronzer I have used my new MUA highlighter. This is also very good, I love the shimmer it gives. As you can see both the bronzer and highlighter are very well pigmented and give a lovely shimmer on the side of your face. To finish off my face I added the Rimmel blush to my cheeks and blended this into my bronzer. 

Now as you know I’m new to the liquid eyeliner so I’m still experimenting and getting used to it. Today I have tried again and I’m very pleased. I have added it only to my lash line on the top eyeliner and half way down in my bottom lid. 

I think this eyeliner is very good from MUA. Considering it’s about £3 you can’t a really go wrong. 

Then I added my mascara to make my eyes look more normall. The mascara I used is jelly pong pong curl. To be honest I’ve never heard of the brand but I purchased this out of one of my glossy boxes and I’m so happy with the product. To finish off my Tuesday look I added some colour to my brows using my MUA brow pallete. 

This was my final look. I like the way I still look natural but the products make my face look healthy and clear. Even my little spot looks quite decent. 


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