My Monday night 

Since I’m not going to the gym tonight to go to my favourite kombat class I invited my bestfriend round for naughty food and the walking dead. What a great way to spend a Monday night after being bored at work all day. 

We trotted up to asda and got our pizza. It’s 2 for £4 what a bargain. You can get 3 toppings with that aswell, choose your own base and own sauce. 

On my pizza I have BBQ sauce, cheese, chicken, mushrooms, pepperoni and chorizo. It was amazing. I couldn’t eat it all though, all this healthy eating must be making my belly shrink. 

We also made cookies. These where amazing. Best I have ever made, then again I didn’t make them my friend did. I just put them in the oven. 


The recipe we used was 


175g butter 

85g caster sugar 

200g plain flour 

2tsp Cocoa powder 

100g chocolate chips 
Although we didn’t have any cocoa powder so we put double the amount of chocolate chips on to make it even better! 

First of all mix the butter and sugar together with a wooden spoon until you get a doughy texture. Half the dough and roll each piece into 5cm thick. Using a cutter cut out the cookies you wish to put into the oven. 

Cookies are best on a baking tray which is buttered or has baking paper on it to prevent the cookies from sticking to the tray. Heat the oven to approximately 180 degrees gas Mark 4 and make for around 15 minutes until golden. 


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