New Fitness Goal

Up till now my fitness goal for the year has been to complete the Silverstone half marathon I signed up for in October time. This has come round so quick as its not this weekend coming up. I am ready for it, raised nearly £500 for cancer research and have trained up to 11 miles. I’m feeing confident, just need my knee to nice to me on the day.

After completing this I have a new set of training goals. I wish to get my body fat down to about 20%. At the moment its just over 30 which isn’t that bad but its not what I want it to be. I’m wishing to gain that lean look people talk about, although i’m not paying for an app I want to do this by myself as I have to knowledge.

After looking through different articles I have decided that training can be good and bad along with foods. Training too much can stop you from burning fat and in fact make you put on more weight than you started with. Also you should do cardio and resistance.

My plan is to do cardio 4 times a week and sometimes 5. I’m going to mix it up with two low intensity sessions (45 minutes jog, cross train or incline walk) and two high intensity sessions including circuits. I’m also going to start regularly doing strength training on different body parts; shoulders, back, triceps, biceps, legs, abs once a week. I will probably do abs a few times a week though.

Along with this I need to be eating the right foods in order to give me the correct amount of nutrition in order to workout. Protein shakes after a workout will be a must, or after a HITT session a cheeky bagel will be amazing. Ensuring that I eat the correct macros will be important. I plan to eat 1800 calories per day, 40% carbs, 30% fat, 30% protein. I will try this out for a couple of weeks and see how I get on. I will be tracking this in My fitness pal and writing a training diary daily.

Any advice would be amazing as i’m all new to this as well and love changing tings round.



2 thoughts on “New Fitness Goal

  1. I am at 31.2% and I have the same goal… As for training being good or bad… guess that depends on your goals. When you mostly strength train you burn fat, and become leaner as your body tones (i wont say build unless you are on specific supplements) your muscles. Muscles weight more than fat, so u may notice your “weight” going up on the scale, but your clothes are loser and you look leaner.

    If you want to lose weight then its cardio all the way or most of the way if incorporating it with strength training.
    But nothing has helped me more than portion control. I live off grammes of food….


    1. Yes I agree. I’m not bothered with the scales it’s more about the way I look and feel. I’m going to go my body fat percentage and try and reduce this. Portion control is a great way to help. I find eating from bowls is easier to control portions

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