Favourite music 

Without a doubt rock music is the best. I don’t look like much of a rocker but I live it. Rock music just has something that other genres don’t have. 

Maybe it’s because I grew up with it.  We used to dance around the living room to it when I was younger having a laugh with my dad. Then he took me to my first concert – motley crue and they where my favourite since then. 

The lyrics within the music really touch the heart. The music comes from the heart of the artists unlike some other genres. They are mental, it’s really about sex drugs and rock and roll but that’s what makes it so amazing. They are crazy and they put in a show like no other. 

Others bands I like are Aerosmith, Def Leppard, AC/DC , guns and roses, thunder, whitesnake, kiss and Cinderella. All quality bands. 

Here are some pictures of the gigs I have been too.



I wanted to upload loads of pictures and show off a little but they won’t upload the right way

 round 😩


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