Skincare routing / Collab 

This is my first ever Collab with my best friend Victoria who’s blog will be found on 

We have decided to share our shower and skincare routine for the nightime. 

At nighttime the first thing I do is take my makeup off using a facial wipe while my bath is running. When in the bath I normally apply my face mask first as I like to keep this on for 10-15 minutes like it says on the pot. 

While this is settling into my face I wash over with a body scrub, usually soap and glory lemon and lime but sadly I have ran out and need to get more so at the moment I am using a regular drug store shower jel. I like my skin to feel nice and soft when I get out of the bath so I wash and them moisterise with this Nivea moisteriser after. 

When wash my face mask off sometimes I find it hard to get all my mascara off so I like to go over with another wash to clear the rest of the mascara. 

After my bath I dry and apply moisteriser to my face. At the moment I am using this one by clean and clear. It’s very good, you can feel it sinking into your pours leaving a lovely clean feeling to your skin. 

Some sensitive parts of my skin tend to get very dry after bathing. So I apply coco butter to my feet and file them down as I tend to get a lot of hard/dead skin. I also apply hand cream to my hands. 

Some people apply cream to there whole body to moisture it after a bath/shower but for some reason I have never done this. I don’t like feel oily when I got to bed, it makes me hot and sweaty and aggravates me while I’m trying to sleep. 

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