Mothers day gifts 

Tomorrow I am celebrating Mother’s Day a day early with my mum. I’m really excited as we are going for cream tea which is my favourite and then for dinner at night. Tonight I have been making one of her gifts – A Victoria sponge. I went for lunch with her a few weeks back and she was mentioning how much she loves it so I thought I would give it a try. I cheated slightly and used a mix instead of making the sponge, just saved messing it up before tomorrow. 

I added the mix into a bowl with 2 eggs and 170ml of milk and mixed together. Poured into two baking trays. 

Put into the own for 30 minutes on 190 degrees. 

After this I got the whipped cream and jam and put this on top of each cake. 

Put them both together 

And a little cream on top 

Not too bad for my frost attempt of a Victoria sponge. Looking forward to digging into it tkmorrow and seeing how it tastes! 

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