Smokey eyes 

On Friday night i went out for a lovely Italian at a local restaurant where I live followed by a couple of drinks with my fiancé, my friend and her other half. I thought what a great opportunity to try out a new eye shadow look. I was wearing a grey dress with knee high boots so I chose my eye make up around this. 

I used a MUA pallete and the sleek pallete I used in my other make up looks. 

This is the sleek palette. The pictures wouldn’t come out in the order I wanted. I use the silver at the end of this for the inner part of my eye . 

This was the MUA pallete I used. From this I used the black for the outer part of my eye. 

From this sleep palette I used the black also as its got a glittery effect to it so I added this on top of the one from the MUA pallete. 

This is when I first applied the make up. 

As you can see when first applying the eye shadow the look looks awful. But as I said last time is all about how you blend the eyeshadow together. 

Looks completely different now and so much better. I added a little eye liner in the lid of my eyes and mascara to my lashes. This look would look a lot better with fake eye lashes as it would make them look thicker but I’m not at that stages of make up yet. That’s another learning curve. 


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