Saturday’s shopping haul 

On Saturday me and my best friend took a trip into town to spend our wages on bits that we needed. We are known to go Abit crazy. I bought some make up bits to try out which where the most exciting. I was so excited to buy some more make up to show you all. 

I love the colour of this highlighter and can’t wait to use it. I wanted a sleek palette but when I go shopping I have to budget myself and that would too much on this occasion as I had already got everything else. Very excited to use this!

This lipstick is in the colour sun bronze by max factor. I’ve wanted a nude lipstick for a while as the one I currently have doesn’t stay on for very long. This one is great! And only £4.99 I believe. 


Since becoming new to make up I needed a new bag to out it all in. I love this one as it has all these different compartment for different things. 


When having a tidy up hVe realised I don’t really have any jumpers to go with jeans or to just put under a hoodie. So I got this and a red one from primark. Only £3 each what a bargain.  

Lip liners from MUA only £1. I find when I used dark lipstick my lips don’t look as good which is why I got transparent lip liner to try out. 

My bestfriend swears by this foundation at the moment so I thought I would  have to try it. I hope it gives the same coverage as my favourite revlon colour stay.

Last of all I bought this max factor bronzer in golden 01 colour. I’m really excited to use this as I’m really getting into contour at the moment after buying the Tanya burr palette. I love the colour but I’m slightly worried it will be too dark but I’m hoping I can make it work! Fingers crossed! 


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