Turkey stir fry 

At the moment I am really into my stir frys they are the best. Such good flavours all mingled together to form a lovely dish. Tonight I was sitting at work wondering what to cook as I forgot to get the meat out the freezer so I popped to Iceland and got a great deal on turkey for £1.50. This was such a bargain as it would last two meals so I could have it for my lunch tomorrow aswell. 

While I was there I picked up some mangtout and babycorn to put in with my stur fry. When I got home I lobbed them all in the pan, cooked the turkey first then added the veg and cooked that. At the end I added BBQ seasoning to give it the ultimate wow factor as we all know veg can be a little boring at times and when eating healthy you tend to always eat them. 

I also added 1/4 bag of uncle bens rice as I had this left from yesterday and cherry tomatoes towards the end to add skemthing little to it. 

Another good tip is to eat out of bowls as it makes your portion size smaller. This will help with weight loss. 


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