Calorie Counting

As we know there are many views out there about calorie counting and how to do it, I would just like to give you mine! 

I believe calorie counting is good for certain people. For the people who want to loose weight and are not educated as much as some people on certain foods calorie counting via an app is a great way to start. It helps you to understand the importance of macronutrients and micronutrients, how many of each you should have a day and the different ingredients that’s in specific foods. 

When calorie counting myself I used an app called my fitness pal. It’s great as you input all of your data and gives you a rough amount of how many calories you should consume and a detailed outline of what’s in each food you log on the app. 

This is fantastic for weight loss. This will give you the courage to work out, stop yourself from eating naughty foods, but it will also allow you to treat yourself with a biscuit throughout the day as you will know one isn’t bad for you and that 20 are. 

It will give you tones of motivation to stick to your clean eating and get all your sufficient macronutrients in. 

Although, on the other hand calorie counting can be bad depending on how much exercise you are doing as this could put your body into a state of stavation resulting in your body storing the food you eat. 


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