Rock chick make up look 

Last night when I went to thunder I thought I would play around with my eye shadow and you all know I’m not the best at it.
For Christmas I received this lovely eyeshadow palette from sleek so I thought j would play around with the colours from this to create a rock chick look. Please don’t get rock chick and emo mixed up here, I do still like to look normal just wanted to try out the make up lol. 

Anyway so this is what I ended up with 

As you can see on the outer side of my eye I have used the black from the pallete. On the other side I used a purple. Now when I first did this is looked rediculous so I played around with a colour to put on top to tone it down Abit, this was the silvery colour. Now the main thing about eyeshadow is the blending. Always make sure you blend it together so it gives t that natural look, this way it doesn’t look so fierce. 

This is the brush I use to apply my eyeshadow, I find this so much easier than the ones you recieve with the pallete. 

Then I use this one the blend. 


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