Gym Session

When I went to the gym today I had my body fat measured on the scales and it showed  that I have 30% body fat. I wasn’t too  bothered by this as its not a crazy amount, although my goal after my half marathon run is to get it down to 20%. This will be a challenge. but I love a challenge!

I had a workout after and started off with a  cheeky Joe wicks workout. This man is amazing, so lean.. I would love to be this lean. I have thought about doing his whole lean in 15 diet plan but its all the effort of making the meals and the amount it costs. My fiancé wouldn’t eat half of the foods either so that would be another added cost to the plan. I do love his hit workouts though, they are knackering, I love that feeling after a workout. I also have the book and some of the information in there is really good I would highly recommend it.

After my HITT workout I used a different piece of equipment that the personal trainer recommended. I have always though it looked like rubbish but it was really tiring. It looks like a cross trainer but you sit down. I done this for around 4 minutes in tabata mode. This is 8 rounds of high intensity work, 20 seconds fast 10 rest.

To finish off the session I did a little circuit on my legs which consisted off high knees, split squats and jumping squats onto a box. This finished me for the day, it was so good.

The feeling after a good workout is amazing.





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