My night time routine 

Before I go to bed i like to make sure the living room looks liveable for the upcoming morning. Ensure all the tv remotes are in the chair so I don’t have to hunt around for them and everything is in its place. 

I then brush my teeth using my electric toothbrush. These are definitely a lot better than a regular toothbrush. I used to think it was all nonsense but they are really good. Easier to get to the back teeth and a lot less work to do. 

After brushing my teeth a clean my face. I change my night routine all the time but mainly I like to use a face scrub. 

This can be used on your face and body. Sorry the picture is Abit mucky, the face mask itself is Abit mucky but it does the job in the best way possible! I got this from lush, I think it was anout £10 but so far has lasted me over a month and I’m not even half way through it yet. You can get a smaller pot too if you wanted to try that first. This is very good for getting rid of your spots, I would recommend using this around 3 times a week. 

When I have washed this off I use my tea tree water to ensure all makeup is off my skin for when I go to bed. This is really usefull for your eyes as it’s hard to get the excess mascara off sometimes. 

Lastly I apply my moisteriser. At the moment I am using this one but I’m always hunting around to find more. Sometimes I use the same night cream to my day cream. 

I like this one as its oil free. When I get into bed I don’t like my skin feeling oily, I like it to feel clean. 

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