I have called this post valentines even though it’s only really half about valentines. Today I was ment to go for my long run again, but I sadly I havnt been very well, not to worry I have booked half day at work Monday to go for my run then. This needs to happen Monday as my run is only a month away now. It’s coming so quick! 

So today I went to see my mum, we took her nutty dog for a walk, went out for a lovely spot of lunch and viewed a flat for my brother. 

For lunch I wasn’t too naughty, I had soup and cake. I’m a sucker for cake, I love it so much. But it is the weekend and I’m not very well so who cares you only live once. 

My friend and her other half came round for dinner and we cooked enchiladas. These where amazing. I tried beef this time instead of chicken, the spice went with beef so much better than the chicken. 

Tomorrow for valentines my fiancé and I are going out to watch the Arsenal game, then the rugby. I don’t mind this, not many women would say this but I don’t really believe in valentines and is lovely to just spend the day with him having a nice lunch and a couple of drinks. He did buy me some presents aswell which I wasn’t expecting as we said no presents this year, it was a lovely suprise! 



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