A little bit about me

I was a little stuck on what to write about today so I thought I would tell you a bit about me. One thing to know is I always change my hair colour, I love it. I always get bored of the same thing. I’m the same with my gym workouts I have to change them up and do different things in order to not get bored. Once I get bored of doing something I simply dread doing it. Its like my half marathon running, its boring. I love the feeling after but running for so long on the same streets is boring. Where I live isn’t exactly the safest place in the country either, in fact its probably the worst.

One of my favourite things is seeing a band play. I love the fact your on the winning side as you as you get there, you kind of know what to expect which is great. I love rock music, this is my passion. I grew up with this dancing around the living room with my dad. The next concert I have lined up is Thunder. I am so excited! I will write a blog post about this and show you some cheeky photos from the night.

As a normal female I love shopping. I find this dangerous as I could spend so much money, even in the worst shopping centre. Me and my best friend will be doing a charity shop challenge in a few months so keep posted to see what great bargains charity shops really have to offer.

Most would say I’m a bit ditsy, not the best at geography either but I love it that’s just the way I am along with always having a smile on my face.

I love coffee. This doesn’t mean I drink it all day everyday, I have one when I wake up and then one when I get to work. This is enough for me and I know I need to consume my daily water intake. 

That’s enough about me for now. Over and out..






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