Yesterdays run didn’t go quite to plan as I needed to go to the toilet when I got to 7k. But oh well, I shall try again on Saturday. I felt crap after it so I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go to the gym for a class – HITT Box. This was ridiculously hard, I have never done so many burpees. I’m not complaining though the smell of sweat after  a workout makes me proud of how hard I worked throughout it.

After my workout I travelled to work, had a shower and downed my post workout smoothie. Inside I blended Oats, low fat greek yogurt, soya milk, blueberries and a little peanut butter.  It was nice! almond milk would be better than soya but that’s all I had.

I’m a high believer in refuelling yourslf after a workout, yes this does include  carbs, not just a protein shake. After a workout I always try to have a bit of everything within an hour.

The the rest of the day I can put my feet up and go and see the family later and this little cutie.

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