Playing with make up 

While I was at work yesturday I got Abit bored so popped into town and bought some cheap make up to try out. I’ve always been really bad at doing eye liner so I really wanted to get better at this.

I started off with the eye liner. I got a liquid eyeliner from MUA.

It was easier than I thought it would be. I then got excited and started to put everything else on my face.

This was my eyes after applying my eye shadow. I used both sleek and MUA pallets for this look and a mascara by Rimmer.

After applying my face this was outcome. Not bad for the first time in try. For my eye Browns I coloured them in with a MUA brow pallets. I used revlon colour stay which is the best foundation I have ever used. It’s around £10 which isn’t too expensive but it does last on your skin all day.

For my cheeks I used a new pallets by Tanya Burr. This included the bronzer, blush and highlight so made it very easy for me to put on. This was a very good but! Also includes a big mirrow to help with puttin the make up on. This was only £8 which is such a good price!

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