Training Day

Today is my long run day. I don’t tend to do a long run every week, its more like every ten days now but in between I do short runs. The reason for this is my knees, they cant handle the impact and the severely hurt the day after my run. I am very much looking forward to not having to run this distance again after my race.

Today I am planning on running around 17k. Although, if I am feeling good I am going to carry on and try to get to the half marathon mark – wish me luck!

I’m eating so many carbs today to try and fuel myself for this run, I have pancakes, porridge, fruit and pasta to eat before around 2 oclock. Then I will not eat anything until after my run. I plan to set off at around half 3, this should take me about 2 and half hours to complete.

I will be back with another blog post after to tell you how I got on!


7 thoughts on “Training Day

  1. I cannot run for the life of me. I try everyday the most i can do if i really push myself is 500mts. I start to panic (dont know why). I want to run 5K one day.. soon… but i realised you need good shoes how can i overcome this panic


    1. I downloaded Map my run on my phone to start off with and I would do a slightly higher run each time I would go out. It gets easier after you have been a few times. You wont even get out of breath after you have done the distance 5 times as your body will get used to it. I find going up in kilometres is easier than miles. You do need running trainers, when I started running many years ago I didn’t use them but I started to get shin splints and as soon as I got trainers they went

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