Morning gym workout 

The last couple of days I’ve had a couple of pains in my shins (this could be shin splints) which I blame the treadmill for as I used this due to not feeling 100% a few days ago. So this morning I woke up early and came to the gym I work at before it opened for today’s workout to do a slightly different workout to the last few days.

I made up my own little circuit which consisted of Burpees, sit ups, jumping lunges, crunches, jumping squats, toe taps, mountain climbers and bridges. I did the circuit three times, each station for 30 seconds with 15 secs test and having a 1 minutes in between each circuit.

After this I was sweating but adamant to carry on with the rest of my leg session.

I then did a few more exercises:

Split squats, deadlifts, leg curl, leg extension, leg press. Then I was defeated

Had a quick shower then onto my lovely post workout breakfast

Now this looks like mush, but it’s just simply good food blended. It was ment to be a smoothie but I found it easier to eat out of a bowl than out of a bottle.

It includes oats, soya milk, a little pea nut butter, banana, Greek yogurt and mango and tasted delicious.

I always tend to try and have carbs after my workout to refuel hence the oats in the smoothie. There are many forms of this type of smoothie, some call them over night oats which are also amazing.


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