Barcelona #1

My first trip this year was to Barcelona with my best friend for her birthday. It was amazing, such a beautiful city. When we first got there we looked around for somewhere nice to eat for breakfast, we had pancakes. These where the best pancakes I have ever had!

Then after we ventured out down to the pier and shopping centre as the check in at the hotel wasn’t until around 3 o’clock.

I couldn’t believe the weather, it was around 11 degrees in January, for us that live in the UK (where it was snowing) that’s quite hot.

My friend has an obsession with palm trees so we ended up getting about 100 pictures just of us and trees, this was me favourite!

I was amazed by the market. So many beautiful stalls with fresh produce.

After touring the markets we went up to the hotel room and got ready for dinner. We took an instant like to the Hard Rock Cafe so we ate in there. I had bbq chicken which was amazing.

To finish the night I got a hot chocolate and we went to the hotel and played heads up. It’s a great game but we aren’t the brightest pair so didn’t know hardly any of the questions.


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