My morning routine 

My usual morning routine is simply, get up stroll around trying to wake up, have breakfast and a coffe and try to get ready without poking my eye out with the mascara brush.

Normally I leave my make up until I get to work as I like to let my cream set into my skin before covering my face with foundation. I’m new to the whole make up look. I used to just put the basics on and it looked OK to me, until my best friend started getting my to watch you tube Channels and giving me advice and showing me what to do.

So now after waking up I wipe my face with this: Tea Tree Water (Lush)



This takes away all the dirt my face collects throughout the night and you would be suprised. I suffer from spots on my forehead and his has really helped!

After this I put my day cream on and let this settle before putting my face in for the day. At the moment I am using a Nivea day cream.

After this has set I put my face on.

These are the products I use for work. Foundation – revlon 24 hour colour stay. This is my favourite, I do find this stays on the whole day which is what I like when I work in a sweaty gym. After putting this on I cover my face in maybe line matt maker, this simply just allows the foundation to set allowing it to stay on for longer throughout the day.

After my foundation has set I add bronzer on my checks, forehead, a little on my nose and chin followed by highlighter and blush on my cheeks.

For my eyebrows I colour them in use my MUA palette then finish off with black eye liner and mascara. I don’t put eye shadow on for work as I don’t see the point when I work in a gym.

As I said I’m new to the whole good make up look so stay posted for my make up journey.

6 thoughts on “My morning routine 

  1. Hi, You work in a gym! Super!!

    Like you I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I have also looked at all those amazing make up videos on youtube but never had the guts to attempt them. The only thing i did after watching them was buy a whole set of make up brushes which I dont even use – but one day!

    I also use the same revlon foundation. Only difference is I mix it together with my SPF moisturiser and apply it leaving it to settle before applying powder, bronzer, eye liner…. and that is it…


      1. Yes… i love the eye makeup… but have failed a million times at recreating something as simple and a winged tip eyeliner or a smokey eye


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