Hello all. As this is my first post I will tell you some things about me. I’m not exactly new to word press, I’ve had an account before but lost interest as I based it mostly on fitness, but this time round I will be blogging more about day to day life and the things I do and love doing. I enjoy many things in life, I’m not fussy but my day to day life consists of work and going to the gym. When I have the time I enjoy exploring the world and learning different things in life, even the simplest things like putting your eye liner on the correct way. I will be back for another blog later today so stay posted! x


3 thoughts on “#1

      1. Yes… u need to take a moment to breath. I just started running… maybe you could share some tips.. am also “new” at blogging… it was easy to just write about fitness but as off this year i also decided to write about more candid things… so i guess we shall be getting to know each other through our blogs too


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